Monday, August 7, 2017

Why Say it! Hear it! Communication works for parenting and relational challenges

Relationship problems is one of the biggest problems of our time for people who feels isolated, frustrated, ignored or rejected. We recently shared in our special communication report some tips on how to communicate for understanding and deeper connection.
But does this REALLY work?
Let’s take Tom and Mary (not their real names) for example.
Mary came from Taiwan and Tom was from Hong Kong. They are high-tech professionals raising two American Born Chinese children in the Silicon Valley. They approached parenting differently. When Tom rationalized things, Mary got mad. When she attacked and blamed, he retreated and withdrew. Their interaction spiraled downward with negative thoughts, actions and words. They both felt stuck. Here’s what Mary said about our services when she finally sought help.
"I felt better after talking to my counselor. I was reassured that our family dynamic was not uncommon. I felt relieved that I was not alone. When I felt understood and accepted, I started to calm down and examine my role in re-enforcing our negative cycle. Instead of fighting, I started listening, and that drew Tom to open up with his feelings and needs, not just sharing his opinions. We became close again. Working as a parenting team, we have learned to provide an emotionally healthy environment for our children to grow up."
As you can see, Parenting ABC worked for Tom and Mary, hundreds of others, and will work for you too. This is why we are frequently invited to speak and lead workshops and seminars at churches, retreats, conferences and conventions!
If you’re struggling with parenting or other relational issues, and you’re looking for the right solution, click here now to schedule a consultation.

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