Monday, February 5, 2018

English-Chinese version of Say It! Hear It! Communication Report is Here

Does your family have people who speak, read and write different languages? In my extended family, we have people born in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, the UK and of course the United States. Our Asian American family is multi-lingual and multi-cultural, but we can read English or Chinese and learn together! How about yours?
Last year I first published a special report titled Say it! Hear it! The Power of Effective Communication written in EnglishBy popular requests, I published a Chinese version. It turns out some of you wanted to read the report with your loved ones. So I decided to provide a 2-column report with English and Chinese printed side by side on each topic.
As a special gift, here is an ENGLISH-CHINESE version of Say it! Hear it! The Power of Effective Communication. I hope you will find it useful as a tool to improve communication in your family!
Learning and practicing effective 2-way communication will change family dynamics:
  • Getting along instead of having constant conflicts
  • Enjoying conversations that promote understanding and support
  • Closing the cultural, gender and generational gaps
  • Building an emotionally healthy family
When one person is courageous enough to start changing, the system will change. I know because that's how my family and the families of my clients got changed. It has to start with one person, and having two persons learning together will be amazing!
Just click on the link below that says "Click HERE to download ..."
If you don't have communication problem with anyone, congratulations!
Feel free to forward this entire e-mail to your Chinese and/or English speaking friend or family member who might find this report helpful.
Happy Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year!