Friday, May 15, 2020

May 15 2020 Speech for Voice Training

Hello, my name is Winnis Chiang and I help couples. Today I'm going to talk about relationships and communication in marriage and family.

Connections in life are important.  When someone said, "I don't care!" (whether it is "I DON'T CARE!" or "i dont care"), that person is probably is looking for someone who cares and yearning to be connected.

Relationship struggles, while extremely tough at times, are quite normal.  Have you or a friend said the following:

Everyday conversations are turned into arguments filled with criticisms or personal attacks
We avoid certain conversations because we know it will end up in a fight.
I thought we were soulmates.  Now we are worse than roommates!

With these craziness going on at home, I don't know whats going to happen to my child?
I feel disconnected and wonder what happened to the love we used to share.
Disagreement about parenting, money, in-laws, chores have turned us into enemies.
I am desperate and I feel hopeless.  I really don't know whether there is any way to move forward.

These struggles are not uncommon for couples.  I know because I was there.

In fact, normal couples are supposed to have growing pain in their relationships.  But what if the patterns of negative communications and painful interactions repeated themselves so much that they become triggers and automatic reactions that are destructive?

That's why I love to help individuals and couples to get the relationships they really want based on my own experience of growing pain.

You see, I met my husband in college and we got married after only three months of dating, I thought we would live happily ever after.  Imagine my shock when the honeymoon is over.

Like most Asian parents, we both love our son.  So we argued a lot about parenting.  He said I argued and I said he never listened.  I was feeling depressed and I thought about getting a divorce, but I didn't bring it up because I didn't want to hurt my son.

To make the long stroy short, it was during those times of hopelessness and despair that Jesus Christ found me and save me from my misery of living on my own terms, and the rest is history.  Our only son has grown up, got married, and now has five children of his own.  This year James and I will celebrate our 45th anniversary.  I know that relationships are challenging; yet I believe enormous growth is possible.  

I believe I exist to help couples to flourish and build stronger relationships and to prevent premature and unnecessary divorces.  Your issue might be something occurring just under the surface of the relationship, or it could be hidden within negative cycles of fighting and disconnection that have lasted for years.

One of our most important connections is with a romantic partner.  This relationship can be a great source of joy and support, yet it can also cause a great deal of pain and push us to confront difficult aspects of ourselves.  Whether you are in the middle of a crisis, struggling through a difficult transition, discovering unpleasant behaviors, or want to build a strong foundation for the future.  I am here to help you, directly or indirectly, get the support, strength and growth you want.

I love to help couples and families to live, love and work together.  Last Christmas, my husband and I had the privilege and joy to serve with our son in a Christian Mission Conference.  Right now, we are learning voice training together so that all three of us could be better speakers.  I'm grateful that our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ saved me 31 years ago and put us into this new path.

I help you work through frustration, anger, resentment to get to workable solutions.  My greatest pleasure is seeing couples emerge from a difficult or even traumatic situation feeling more intimately connected and committed than they ever thought possible.

I help couples with their major communication breakdowns.  I not only work to solve current problems but will give you a foundation of skills that will last a life time.

I have learned that couples improve their relationships faster with a thorough understanding of the dynamics underlying their behavior, and I'd like to invite you to my upcoming workshop called,

Breaking Destructive Cycles and Building Constructive Communication: Help, NOT hurt, the people you love.

You may choose to join me in the workshop in your preferred language:  English, Mandarin and Cantonese.  Please sign up on my website,

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