Monday, May 11, 2020

愛喜樂生命 Love, Joy and Life

How was your Mother's Day? Did you miss going out to eat? Were you sad you could not get together with people you love? Were you happy when you could use the phone, Whatsapp, WeChat, LINE, Text Msg, Facetime, Skype and/or Zoom to stay in touch?

My answers are Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes. I tried to keep in touch with family, friends, brothers and sisters in our church family. This Mother's Day could be quite difficult for the sandwich generation who are caring for both elderly parents and their own children.

Instead of write this ezine, I looked at old photos and make a collage for Mother's Day. Please start with the bracelet from the middle bottom and travel clockwise around until ending at bottom right.

(1) Receiving a bracelet of LOVE made by granddaughter when I visited them last year.
(2) Reading to three grandkids while holding my fourth grandbaby.
(3) When little sister became big sister, she likes to feed herself.
(4) Holding my fifth granddaughter who was looking into my eyes.
(5) Taking three oldest grandkids out for Cold Stone Ice Cream.
(6) Enjoying breakfast made by grandson to celebrate Mother's Day ahead of time.
(7), (8) and (9) James walking with his mom in Golden Gate Park.
(10) Celebrating Mother's Day with James' mom last year upon my return.

As I was picking out photos and making the collage, a Chinese song came to mind and I started singing. Here is the song "Love, Joy and Life" on Youtube.

The song is written in Chinese but I have found a youtube that also has English subtitle.

Time cannot quench His love
For He loves me to ten thousand generations.
The world cannot hinder His love
because His love for me will never change.
His love prevails over death's dark haze.
His love drives away worry and sorrow.
Let the love of God overflow our hearts.
Joyful springs welling up from the depths of our hearts.
Worries are no more ... We have a life of joy.
Let the love of God overflow our hearts.
Life's sparkle bursting from the depths of our hearts.
Tears are no more ... We have everlasting life.

時空不能隔絕祂的愛 因祂愛我直到萬代 世界不能阻擋祂的愛 因祂愛我永不更改 祂的愛勝過死亡陰霾 祂的愛驅走憂愁悲哀 讓主愛澆灌我們的心 喜樂泉源湧自心底 憂愁不再 我們有喜樂的生命 讓主愛充滿我們的心 生命火花揚自心底 淚水不再 我們有永恆的生命

Happy Mother's Day!

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